Mar 11, 2010

LolliPoP YOU!!! LolliPoP Me!!!

OooooohhhHHhhhhhh....just looking at this lovely shawls pun can cheer up our day, let alone to wear it, lagilah cantik!!!
You can MIX and MATCH with either PLAIN BLOUSE or PATTERN WEAR, the choice is yours!!!
*1-2 item : RM11.00 each*
*3 items or more : RM10.00 each*
~Postage fees are not included. Free postage for 5 items or more!!!~

LolliPoP 8 - SOLD

LolliPoP 7 - SOLD
LolliPoP 6 - SOLD

LolliPoP 5 - SOLD

LolliPoP 4 - SOLD

LolliPoP 3 - SOLD

LolliPoP 2 - SOLD

LolliPoP 1 - SOLD


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If you interested in any of those items which are sold out, just buzz me and I will re-stock it for you.