May 18, 2010

Fun @ BUZZAR!!!

Wow!!! It's been almost a month with no update in this blog ya!!! Do not afraid, I am still around.. :)

The bazaar was lots of fun!! Sold lots of shawls too...and even celeb pun grab my shawls!!! Nak tau siapa? Heheh..the one and only Wardina Safiyyah!!! She bought three of my "bulat-bulat"design shawls.. tak sempat take photo je to promote in this blog!!My booth with Hanitah, mine was the shawls exclusively..yang lelain tu stuffs Hanitah..

The way I decorate our booth...nampak macam pasar malam, but a great way to attract attention!!!

My best friend in service, Karad pun telah menggunakan khidmat shawl saya for Semi Finale Keep Slim Amba Hunt 2010 and she manage to buldozed her way to final. Alhamdulillah she manage to be the 1st runner-up!!! Wohooooo!!!
During Semi Finale Keep Slim Amba Hunt 2010

Masa finale, Karad change her way of wearing shawl and walla!!! It certainly change her wardrobe rite??
During Finale Keep Slim Amba Hunt 2010

So, be creative!!! Shawl tak semestinya for people who wear tudung only. If you tak pakai tudung pun, you still can match it with your baju kurung, kebaya or even your pant suit, if you know how to work with it.

By the way, will be having it's own Mega Sale sso, stay tuned for more!!!